Looking to increase the speed of your website? A content delivery system might be the way to go. Here we’ve listed some of the best free cdn’s for WordPress websites, although these cdn’s can normally work with any type of website.

What is a CDN?

A cdn, or content delivery system, is simply a net work of distributed servers in various data centers around the world. Sites that use cdn’s simply have their files stored in these servers so whenever you load their sites page, the files come from the closest server to your location, rather then from one location which may or may not be near by.

1. CloudFlare Definitely one of the biggest and most versatile CDN networks. We’ve placed CloudFlare, at the top of our list .In fact we can say it’s probably the best of the CDN services. Today CloudFlare is accelerating and securing thousands of website. They are very popular among bloggers and Hosting Providers. Cloudflare is offering a great free plan for life time. They also have paid plans and upgrades. cloudflare-logo


2. Incapsula Incapsula is another great CDN service. Incapsula accelerates your website efficiently but doesn’t skimp out on security features, and is all free


3. jsDelivr

jsDelivr is the way to go for websites with tons of javascript content. jsDelivr is great choice for many web developers and bloggers and is sponsored by companies like Cedexis, UserVoice and MaxCDN.


Another great feature for most CDN’s (notably jsDelivr)  networks are that they offer plugins for WordPress to increase functionality, depending on the type of website you own, each of these CDN’s can be beneficial for your site’s speed. Questions? Comment below and make sure to share!